Make money in your sleep

If a real estate Broker with 20+ years of experience and a successful brokerage firm knocked on your door and offered to show you how to use your real estate license to make money in your sleep, would you say …


Well here’s your chance!

Dear Fellow Agent,

Does it seem like no matter how hard you work you never get ahead? 

Are you feeling burnt out?  

Or maybe you’ve been successful at selling homes but feel there has to be something more…

I get it! You work really hard…

Yet you find yourself struggling financially and/or emotionally. 

Meanwhile, you see other agents who have built wealth and enjoy a steady income…

They spend less time scrabbling for leads, more time with their family and friends and have a calmness about them that suggests they know something that you don’t! 

What is their secret?

They leverage their skills and tools as an agent to create a passive income. 

And you can too!


Do you have a real estate license?

Congratulations! You’ve already taken the first step…

The tools you have at your disposal as an agent put you at a unique advantage to create wealth by investing in real estate. 

I am talking about your access to: MLS, contracts, title companies, inspectors, lenders and your broker.

These tools bring success within your reach.

So why aren’t you using them to create a steady, passive income?

Maybe you don’t know where to start…

Perhaps you don’t have the money…

Or is it that you are scared to take the risk?

No matter what the reason - the Real Estate Investor Masterclass is the place to start!

The class shows you how to…

Key Takeaways

  • Ac​​​​​​quire the funds for your first investment property
  • Analyze a renovate and flip deal
  • Analyze a rent and hold deal
  • Become the go to agent for investors
  • Attract investors as clients and learn from them
  • Build a database of investors


By the end of the class, you will be able to attract investors, close deals, and acquire the down payment to purchase investment property.

Enabling you to earn more money while you sleep - a higher degree of freedom, less stress, and a foundation to build wealth.

All of this is possible for the price of a month’s worth of Starbucks coffee.

Create a life of wealth and freedom.

For a limited time only you can purchase the Real Estate Investment Masterclass for $97. That is a $50 savings off the regular price of $147.  

In addition, to IMMEDIATE ACCESS to the course you will receive access to INSIDER TIPS, live GROUP COACHING sessions and MEMBERSHIP to the masterclass Facebook group - a great way to connect with classmates and exchange experiences. 

Enroll Now and Save 34% with a Money Back Guarantee.

Through this course you will gain a unique perspective that allows you to…

  • Talk the talk of real estate investors and land them as clients
  • Find hidden gems and turn them into money making deals
  • Create wealth for yourself as you create wealth for your clients

This Deal Ends - Sunday, January 31, 2020. 

Make 2020 a year you will always remember.

To get started click the Enroll Now button and fill out the enrollment form. Once your payment is processed you will gain immediate access.


Janis benstock

  • Janis teaches agents the profitable action steps for building a thriving real estate career by leveraging the personal relationships they already have without being pushy or salesy.
  • Through her Real Estate Brokerages in two states, coaching agents and teaching pre licensure courses, and online courses Janis shows Real Estate agents how to create a thriving business the organic way.
  • She knows that cold calling and scripts suck (you know it too). She will help you build a business that feels genuine and organic. One that is centered on people, is sustainable, natural and easy to follow. One that dances with your life.
  • She started an independent Real Estate brokerage from scratch because someone challenged her to do it.
  • Began her sales career at a "bust one you win" balloon game on the wildwood NJ Boardwalk.
  • Has taught over 500 students( and counting) the Real Estate pre licensure courses.
  • Her motto is Work to live, not live to work .
  • She Loves wine (and keeps it in the office).
  • Has been selling real estate full time for over 20 years and has NEVER used a script or made a cold call. #never



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