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Revealed: HOW TO Create Generational Wealth Through Real Estate

About the Webinar

If you are living from paycheck to paycheck and are tired of the grind, you probably think that investing in real estate is way out of your reach.

Join our LIVE webinar to learn how you can own your first investment property in as short as just a few months. 

Host: Janis Benstock.

Janis is a real estate broker, teacher and investor with over 20 years in the business. She specializes in assisting first time investors in achieving their goals and creating wealth for themselves and their families.  Through easy to understand examples and entertaining stories, she teaches the basic strategies and steps necessary to get you beyond your fears so you can own your first investment property.

Host: Jasmine Williams

For over 9 years, Jasmine Williams has been a noteworthy leader in the Philadelphia real estate and community space. She has served clients in Philadelphia and surrounding counties.  She has increased business production of the Construction entity of her group of businesses, called Renovated Luxury with several bank contracts. Jasmine currently owns 8+ properties and plans to end the year with 10. 

Webinar Date & Time:

Monday 30th Dec / 08:30 PM

Attend this informative, fun, LIVE webinar, 

Where You'll learn...

How to identify and understand the two most common investment strategies so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Learn the steps to acquiring your first rental property with as little as a 3% down payment.

Follow the fast track to building your investment portfolio with House Hacking (house hacking is when you live in one of the multiple units of your investment property as your primary residence, and have renters from the other units pay your mortgage and expenses).

Take advantage of first time homebuyer programs and learn how to find grant money to help you pay for your property. 

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Places on the live webinar are limited!

We will break down how to take action on getting your goals going, preparing your personal credit for your journey and building business credit to get your projects financed!

There will be a live Q & A with Jasmine and Janis at the end, as well as access to worksheets and a facebook group where you can get support and have all of your questions answered.