25 Things You Can Do RIGHT NOW to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Grow Your Real Estate Business

Are you feeling stuck in your Real Estate Business?  Maybe you even found this post by going down the Facebook rabbit hole, but that was simply a lucky break.   Stop wandering around aimlessly and wondering why you aren’t being productive.   Do something to get out of the muck.  Grow Your Real Estate Business! … Read more

Don’t be Busy. Be Productive in Real Estate Business

BUSY IS BULLSHIT Don’t be Busy. Be Productive. Think you’re too busy, too fancy, or too knowledgeable to attend Triple Play or other realtor events? Think again. There’s always room to get over yourself, learn new things and grow your business or your mindset. I’ll get right to the point. Busy is productive’s imposter. It is simply another … Read more

Touch 5 people a day (not in the creepy way)

Real estate is a people business. Touch 5 People! I hope you are constantly doing activities to get your head in the game, like pre viewing properties and attending open houses. These activities are vital to your transformation into a real estate professional, but without any clients, real estate is nothing more than just a hobby.  How … Read more