It was scary and I felt alone. All of my friends had jobs with structure and a paycheck, and all I had was insecurity. I was determined to make in Real Estate but had no idea how to do it. It took me years of trial and error, working full time jobs at night to keep the bills paid. Once I started closing deals, I felt great, but it was never steady income. My finances were feast or famine and it started really stressing me out. I thought there was something wrong with me because I saw other people making it in the business. What was wrong with me? I just couldn’t keep it together and I was burnt out and scared.I felt like a fraud, but I just couldn’t bring myself to read scripts and cold call or door knock. It never felt right.


I made it through my late 20’s this way, and once I got married, the pressure was off and I could breathe. That only lasted a few years and I found myself divorced, two kids and no child support (Don’t even get me started) It was sink or swim, and I was sinking.

A steady paycheck was calling me, but that came at the expense of being with my kids when they needed me. I was distraught and in worse financial shape than I had ever been. I was scared and alone and felt like a giant failure, so I went out and started applying for jobs. Besides real estate, I had no real job experience and I didn’t even have a resume. Most of the jobs had hours that would require me to pay for child care, but I didn’t see the point of working to pay for time that I would rather spend with my kids. I felt trapped and alone and I had to either find a job or make my career work.

Settling for Security felt like Selling Out

I was about to settle for a job that would provide health insurance and a steady income that would afford me to just get by, but would take me away from my kids. The night before I was going to accept the job, I mentioned it to a friend and told him how I felt like a failure and couldn’t get out of the feast or famine trap. I was about to sell out and give up precious time with my young sons. I’m pretty sure by the second glass of wine I was ugly crying and he listened with patience as he handed me a box of tissues. He waited for me to catch my breath and then told me a simple little secret that changed the course of my life.


Plant seeds everyday. Do this first, before anything else. Do not let anything get in the way of it. Always remember: do what’s important first, or the urgent issues will fill up your day and nothing will be left for what is important.

Finally, this made sense and explained why I was trapped in the feast or famine cycle. This one simple truth brought me enough clarity to forego that job and commit to building my Real Estate business. I was determined to make it work and to do it on my own terms.

I started the next day (although with a slight hangover) and began building a business on this one simple truth. There was no overnight success, but I knew that was not ever part of the plan. Seeds take time to grow, so I had to start right away and be patient. In the first few months I got discouraged sometimes when it felt like it was taking too long to see results, but I was committed and finally had direction and a goal. I wasn’t feeling aimless and scared anymore because I was taking action.