How to Get Investors as Real Estate Clients for Monthly Recurring Revenue

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Spending on Cars or Investing in Real Estate About 10 years ago I was seated across the settlement table from the listing agent and she mentioned that she was on her way from closing to buy a new car with her commission. I mentioned that I was going to invest in real estate with mine. … Read more

You Don’t Need a Cold Calling Script With a Motivated Seller

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I know that listings are the holy grail and 90% of the battle is getting the lead. If you have worked your ass off and scored an appointment to meet with a seller, the last thing you want to do is show up for the appointment, swallow your stage fright to recite a cold calling … Read more

Get Real Estate Referrals Without Being Awkward AF

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Don’t Ever Ask for Real Estate Referrals. I bet you think I am crazy, right? No matter what the “experts” told you, you do not need to ask people for real estate referrals in order to get business. In fact, I am telling you that you never should ask for a real estate referral. Ever. … Read more

How to Hack the MLS into a Free Robust Real Estate CRM

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Real Estate is Not a Job, it is a Business. Learn how to harness the power of your MLS by creating a free CRM for your real estate business. Investing money into your business is not only right, it’s smart; as long as that money is not spent, but invested! That means, for every dollar … Read more